The PTO Board is made up of the following positions:

  • Two Co-Presidents
  • VP of Community Relations
  • VP of Special Programs
  • VP of Student Enrichment
  • VP of Fundraising
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Parliamentarian

Meet the 2022-23 PTO board members below:

Michelle Scherer:

Hi, I’m Michelle Scherer. My family has been at ICSAtlanta since it opened! My son, Yoni, entered as a kindergartner in the French track and is now in middle school. We are so thrilled to be a part of this language immersion school. Watching first-hand as the kids soak in a second (or for some, third) language has been fascinating.

Through the years, I have gotten to know the school and the families in my son’s class through volunteering at school events and serving as a room parent. I really enjoy communicating with families and helping them understand what is going on at the school.

Katharina Pramor:

Hello, I’m Katharina Pramor. My daughter Lorelei is in the German track. She has been at ICSAtlanta since kindergarten and is now in 6th grade.

Having always appreciated languages and different cultures, I love the fact that ICSAtlanta students have the opportunity to be immersed in a foreign language in their daily school routine.

I have served on the PTO Board to be more involved with ICSAtlanta to help and support the school, teachers, and staff.

I’m originally from Germany and have been in the Atlanta area since 1998.

Karen Nelson:
VP of Community Relations

I am from Mexico. I moved to Atlanta nine years ago, and I got married to Aaron in 2014. Before moving to the U.S., I was working in the headquarters of the largest convenience store corporation in Mexico. Now I am a stay-at-home mom of three: David, who is a 2nd grader in the Spanish track; Teddy, my busy kindergartener; and little Alice-Grace, who is my calm after the two “storms.”

I have a master’s degree in Education with a specialty in Educational Psychology, and a degree in Communication Science. I am honored to be part of the PTO to help our community and our school. I feel that this is one of the ways that I can pay back the education that my children are receiving.

All the efforts that the PTO is doing support directly our children’s educational experience in our school. Volunteering my time for these efforts is teaching my kids that volunteering is a good and desirable thing. Be kind, be generous and helpful.

Andrea Allen:
VP of Special Programs

Hi, my name is Andrea Allen. I am mom to three kids in the French track: Zoe (7th) and twins Chase and Max (5th). This is our fifth year at the school, and the kids, my husband (Sean), and I are loving ICSAtlanta. I work as a stay-at-home mom, and my hobbies include reading, being active (after I’ve sat on the couch reading a really good book, of course), and gardening.

I’m interested in serving on the PTO Board because I want to be more involved in the school. I’m interested in special programs specifically because I have always thought it was so great how the PTO makes the teachers feel special with the luncheons, teacher appreciation, and Watch D.O.G.S., and I’m glad to be a part of organizing and running those programs. 

Vira Linkenback:
VP of Student Enrichment

I have two boys in 3rd grade in the Spanish track.


Serving on the PTO Board gives me the opportunity to work with other parents to the benefit of the school, teachers, and especially our kids.


Tiara Suhr:
VP of Fundraising

Hi! My name is Tiara. I have two daughters: Ava, who is a 1st grader in the French track, and her little sister Mabel. Community and culture are very important in our household. My husband is from Nigeria, and I grew up with a strong Greek influence on my mother’s side. I love the diversity at our school and seeing how many cultures are represented there.

As VP of Fundraising, I look forward to setting up spirit nights and other opportunities for our students to enjoy, and to help support our teachers and the amazing job they do with our children. 

I thrive on being active in different organizations. I am a troop leader in Ava’s Girl Scouts Daisy Troop along with another mom whose daughter attends our school. (All of the girls in our troop attend ICSAtlanta.) I serve on the Finance Committee at my church, and I am an Office Manager. I truly enjoy what I am involved with, and I know I will in this position as well!

Corrie Collier:

Hi! My name is Corrie Collier. We live in Cumming, GA. I have (supposedly) identical twins that are kindergarteners in the German track. I am so excited for them to start learning different languages and about different cultures. My husband, Ben, and I have been together for 21 years, and had surprise twins five years ago.  

We all enjoy being outside, finding Georgia hidden hiking trails, traveling, swimming, and I LOVE to read. I have been a stay at home wife for 10 years, and my children have filled my life with so much joy and chaos for the last five years. 

I want to help serve the school, and being a part of the PTO Board is a step in that direction. I want very much to be active and informed within the school, and I feel I will bring a smile, enthusiasm, and hopefully learn the best ways to help our children, teachers, and staff.

Justin Mackey:


Justin lives in Alpharetta, GA, and is the father of three ICSAtlanta students in the German track — Ethan in 7th grade, Thomas in 3rd grade, Lauren in Kindergarten — plus one ICSAtlanta graduate, who is a freshman in high school. Justin works as a financial analyst and has been a finance professional, predominantly in the insurance industry, for the last 20 years. Justin was born in Germany, as his father was stationed there serving in the U.S. Army, and he lived in Germany on and off for many years as a kid, as well as several locations across the United States.

Uli Ingram:

Uli Ingram has one son at ICSAtlanta: Jonas, who is in 7th grade in the German language track. She also has a second son Linus, who graduated from ICSAtlanta in 2022. 

Uli, who is originally from Germany, works as a professor of geography and GIS at Kennesaw State University. Uli is very excited about the opportunities ICSAtlanta provides to our children including language immersion, diversity, and exposure to various cultures.

Uli serves as the Parliamentarian on the PTO board, helping out with any questions related to the bylaws and rules that govern the organization.